Top 10: Humberwood Eats

May 15, 2019 | Teen Blogger

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Post by: Humberwood Branch Youth Advisory Group

Humberwood Branch Exterior
Teen volunteers at Humberwood Branch bonded by coming up with a list of local fast food recommendations.

Our Youth Advisory Group was in a bit of a dilemma. Although we’ve been meeting since September, new members would hop in and out of the team regularly. Unable to effectively build up the group’s chemistry, it seemed almost impossible to collectively come up with a blog post.

Then we realized that we all had the same love: the love for fast food. After a grueling fight, using votes and tears instead of weapons, we managed to come up with a list of 10 of the best places to eat out when we have that craving for cheap, delicious food.

While the first three places were easy picks, the following seven were all close and are more underrated by the community. And so, Humberwood’s YAG is proud to present our “Top 10 not-so-fast-food fast food chains”:

1. Popeyes Louisana Kitchen

"They have the best sauces – so spicy they make me cry – in a good way!"

"It just opened at Woodbine Centre."

2. Wendy's

"It’s all about the Baconator."

"The frosty is only $1 in the summer!"

3. Tim Hortons

"I go there for coffee and ice cap."

"Plain bagel with cream cheese every time."

4. Subway

"They have the BEST cookies – double chocolate!"

"Don’t eat the meatball marinara or the tuna."

5. Little Caesars

"The Crazy Bread is crazy."

"Why aren’t the boxes bigger?"

6. Chipotle

"It’s the McDonald's of Mexican food."

7. Osmow's Shawarma

"Best bang for your buck."

"Get chicken on the rocks."

8. Coscto

"The food speaks for itself."

"The cheese in the poutine is sometimes cold, but it's really cheap!"

9. Ikea and Demetries

"These aren’t fast food places!"

"Food and furniture – you walk so much that you need to eat."

"Demetries' ice cream is expensive, but it's sooooo good."

10. Nando's Flame-Grilled Chicken

"The peri peri fries are the best."

"It's so spicy that they need to keep refilling the water."

Hopefully this list was able to inspire you to order something new, other than pizza, the next time you’re out in our neighbourhood.

The Humberwood Branch is located near Finch Ave. West and Highway #427. Find out more about volunteering with a Youth Advisory Group.