It Happened Here: Silk Screening

December 17, 2018 | Teen Blogger

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Silk screening on pencil case

Review by: Youth Advisory Group volunteers Zahra and Rumaisa
Branch: Lilian H. Smith
Name of the program: Silk Screening
Presenter: Kingi

An artist named Kingi came and taught us to silkscreen different type of fabrics and clothes. It’s a very easy process with various steps.

Draw something of your liking, preferably using a black sharpie.

Prepare your screen by spreading photo emulsion.

Adding emulsion to a screen

Blow dry your screen and then you use light to transfer the image onto your screen.

After 5 min, wash the screen thoroughly.

Once it's dry, put your screen on the fabric of your choice. Spread whichever colour of fabric paint you wanted on your screen.

Brushing paint on a screen

Lift your screen and Voila! Now you admire your design.

Silk screening on fabric

A funny moment that had occurred was when the instructor said to email her anytime and a little boy asked “even at night?” Another funny moment was when everyone kept forgetting to watch the time for 5 minutes, so we know when our screens are done. It was a rather cool experience, I would recommend to anyone. Teens, adults and kids would enjoy this. 

Participants work on silk screening

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