Teen Review: Super by Matthew Cody

October 14, 2018 | Teen Blogger

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Review by: Ryan Khandaker, 14, member of Leaside branch Youth Advisory Group.

After everyone in her family became supers, Bell is expected by everyone to become a Super of her own. When Bell fails to become a Super on recruitment Day, Bell is discouraged that she would not get powers. A villain from The Counter League challenged Bell's best friend Gwen, a rare super called a poly power, to a super battle. Soon after the Gwen accepts the challenge, Bell gets captured by the Counter league. After escaping and figuring out the Counter league's true identity, Bell gets help from her friends, teacher, and her bully to expose to the whole world who Counter League really is.

The book is dull at the beginning but grabs the reader's attention halfway. There is a lot of facts about the main character. It is unpredictable because there are many twists and unsuspecting moments. It also makes the vulnerable seem strong. The is also a lot of conflicts involving the main character. I recommend the book to teenagers especially to teenagers who like adventurous books.



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