Teen Review: The Great Hunt

September 23, 2018 | Teen Blogger

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Review by: Susan, 13, member of Leaside branch Youth Advisory Group.

From the very first page, I was met with romance, fantasy and breathtaking intensity. This story carries sadness, hope, joy and love. It showed me the importance of one’s country and the value of love and how much it can cloud your decision making skill. More importantly, this story has thrilling adventures while groups of men try to kill the beast. What surprised me the most was how the closer I got to the end, the more I felt like there is a much bigger plot than just killing the beast(hint hint). Although the story would’ve ended greatly with the beast dead, the whole larger story-line makes this story more compelling.  

The author also makes the characters very lovable and believable. They seem real with their emotions and their reactions, which allowed me to connect. What made me love this book more was how every character was different in matters of their personality. Princess Aerity is responsible like a queen but still is a teenager in her heart. Her sister, Vixie ,is very much a free spirit and very outgoing. Her cousin, Lady Wyneth, is sensible but suffers a great loss during the first few pages of the book. ( but recovers after a few chapters). They meet hunters from all across Eurona while some fall for the Princess, others fall for her sister and cousin, and romance will take place during many pages. Paxton Seabolt has secret that no one alive knows which stops him from truly letting his heart have what it wants, for the consequence when found out is execution.  

This story not only involves romance and adventure, but it is also mixed with unfairness, prejudice and judgement. Lashed people with magic were treated badly but mostly feared for what they are born with. They can kill by the touch of their hands, but they can also heal faster than any herb. Lashed people are stirring up, and one day, they will rise and claim their right in life. This reflects things that have happened/still happening in this world. That is reality we can all change but not all are as open-minded, and you see the different opinions in this book.  

This story is written beautifully and you feel what the characters are actually feeling from how it is written in their POV. The story is definitely not a slow starter and will catch your attention right away (it definitely caught mine).  

The ending leaves you on a cliffhanger but don’t worry, the second book is out. Tip: Get them both at the same time. It’s not an ending you would love because nothing is perfect and the two people I ship are still not together. Fortunately, there is still hope because there is the Sequel.  

This book will not disappoint and I finished  it in lightning speed. I highly recommend this book if you love fantasy, romance (not A LOT of), or adventure. 

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