Celebrate Youth Week at the Library

April 30, 2018 | Teen Blogger

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Written by Brentwood Youth Advisory Group  members

Brentwood Youth Advisory Group
The Youth Advisory Group at Brentwood Branch

There are about 100 billion brain cells in the average youth. And if there are 1.1 billion youth in the world, that gives us a *whole lot* of brain cells spitting out information and ideas with such intense celerity. Ideas are bubbling to the surface of all these youth. They need to get them out into the world. Youth Week is their chance to say their ideas and put themselves out there.

Youth Week (May 1-7) celebrates youth engagement and showcases the abilities and talents in youth.  It commemorates and acknowledges the involvement of youth in various events and places. The Toronto Public Library System has 10.6 million items in its collection. All of these items can spark interests and ideas in the minds of youth. Interested in something? Research it at your local library! Stuck on a science project? Research it at the library! Have abibliophobia (the fear of not having anything to read)? Pick up a book at the library! Craving adventure? Try something new with your friends and get involved within your community at the same time! Do you want to meet new people? Attend a selfie scavenger hunt, game night, or hip hop workshop at your local TPL branch.

There are so many, too many ideas left untold in this world. Too many ideas that are trapped in a youth’s mind with no way out. Too many ideas that are forgotten as time tick tocks away. Too many ideas that are carried to the grave because their owners never had a chance to let them out. But Youth Week is their chance to do that.

Let your lost ideas fly free of their cage and jump into the open-minded community of the library.  Let them ignite fires during Youth Week.

Video Still - Brentwood YAG on Youth Week

Watch the video this Youth Advisory Group made on tpl.teens Instagram.


Find a Youth Week event at a library branch near you.