Teen Review: Shaken

February 9, 2018 | Teen Blogger

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Review by Marilyn, member of the Dawes Road Youth Advisory Group

Eric Walters has never failed to impress, especially with this nostalgic book. Shaken is filled with emotions that can make you laugh and cry all at the same time. This very ‘slice of life’ book is perfect for young adults to read for the purpose of self-realization... and self-love. Relatable for all teens I'm sure, but this book also gives me more courage to follow my gut feelings in tough situations, and to not give up hope in the most impossible events. It makes me realize how I'm not alone in the world, that there are real people around me willing to help just from the goodness of their hearts.

Shaken by eric walters

Being a boy still in the mid-stages of adolescence, Josh has gone through quite a lot more than most kids have had to. On top of the loss of his mother, he is expected to keep his emotions in check and be a good role model, since he is the minister’s son. Things start to get even harder when Josh is set as a leader to help in a mission trip in Haiti. This is the story of how one boy's shaken faith can be questioned and mended through a trial of life, where everyone's fate is tested in life and death. Josh is tested to find his purpose in life, to find his beliefs, and to have faith in his decisions.

Eric Walters has done it again! Took the hard struggles of life and transformed it into beautiful words that are very reflective. His inspirations all come from his real life experiences, and every time he manages to wow his readers with shocking yet admirable truths of life.

This book was truly a heartwarming, truth-filled page turner! It made me question my own life choices.