Teen Review: Ferdinand

January 17, 2018 | Teen Blogger

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Review by Mahnsi, member of the Cedarbrae Youth Advisory Group

FerdinandFerdinand is a movie about a bunch of bulls that are kept in a training farm where they are trained to compete against bullfighters. These bulls have only one purpose and that is to fight.

There was this one bull named Ferdinand and all the bulls would make fun of him because he didn't want to fight. He didn't want his life's purpose to be about fighting.

Ferdinand escapes from the training farm once he finds out his father isn't going to return from the fight with a bullfighter. Ferdinand was found and kept by a little girl who lives in a farm. They were all living happily until Ferdinand was once again brought back to his misery. With the help of his new friends, he manages to accomplish something extraordinary.

The movie Ferdinand is an inspirational and fun movie. This is a great movie to watch with your family with a strong moral about love, being yourself, and never giving up.

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