Five Ways the Library Can Help You with Homework

November 2, 2017 | Debbie

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Studying at the Library

1. Find not-fake information

Don't waste your time trying to tell if the stuff you Googled is real or not. The library has online articles that have been published in journals, magazines and newspapers.

2. Learn the stuff you want

Heard of yet? Awesome online courses on computer programming, marketing, tech, you name it. For free.

3. Ask helpful tutors

There are tutors available at the library after school in nine Youth Hub locations and four Homework Help for Teens locations.

4. Ask helpful tutors online

Brainfuse offers online homework help with professional tutors daily from 2 to 11 pm.

5. Study space

Get away from distractions and study at a library near you. Some branches even have rooms for quiet study.

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