Staff Picks: Girl in a Bad Place

October 31, 2017 | Amanda

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Girl in a bad place

Best friends Mailee and Cara’s closeness is put to the test in this gritty novel about the bonds of friendship and the power of the unknown.

After Cara’s sister dies, she becomes consumed with grief and soon after decides to devote herself to Firehorse, the leader of the small commune Haven, just outside her town. Cara wants to live on the commune and ultimately devote herself to Firehorse and his causes. When Mailee finds out, she becomes worried about Cara and when Mailee is invited to a harvest celebration, which will ultimately be Cara’s initiation into the commune, she desperately has to save her friend. The novel’s depiction of cults and commune rituals is interesting and timely. A good book for anyone keen on a story about the true bonds of friendship and survival.

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