Comic Artist Tory Woollcott Helps Teens Make Their Own Comics

September 24, 2017 | Cameron

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Guest post by Young Voices Comic Artist in Residence Tory Woollcott

Tory WoollcottHi there!

Do you love comics in all their wonderful forms? Manga, graphic books, superhero comics, webcomics and more? Do you want to create your own? 
Good! Me too!! I’m Tory Woollcott and I’m the first Young Voices Comic Artist in Residence for the Toronto Public Library! I’m going to be running workshops about making comics and having office hours where you can come and talk to me about your work throughout October and November! 
I’ll also be posting video where I talk to some of the other amazing comic creators who call this wonderful city home! I’ll be asking them about how they make comics, what comics mean to them and how the medium is evolving. 
In case you're wondering who I am: I’m a writer, an illustrator, and a cartoonist. I self-published my first few autobiographical books, Mirror Mind and Toronto to Tuscany, before I started working with publishers like Sparkler Monthly and First Second Books! I’m really excited to talk to you about the journey from self-publishing to becoming a full-time creator, and the process of writing stories and making comics!