Staff Picks: Goodbye Days

May 28, 2017 | Cameron

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Index.aspxIn his second novel Jeff Zentner explores the idea of what if you could have one more day with someone who is dead?

One day Carver Briggs absolutely had it all. He was popular, handsome, a talented writer and his home life is supportive and his time with his three best friends is always worthwhile. But his world comes crashing down by the random coincidence that his best friend dies in a car crash right after he sends a nefarious text. Carver cannot stop blaming himself for the incident and to make it worse the father of his friend is a powerful judge who is pressuring the district attorney to open a criminal investigation against Carver.

Carver has some friends who are trying to help him through this difficult time, but when the families of the deceased want a "good bye day" with him; he is unclear and anxious about their motives. Can he give these grieving families any closure at all? Can he ever forgive himself? Will the good bye day bring him closer to acceptance or closer to prison time?

Get the physical book here. No electronic options as of publication date.