Your New Second Home: The Youth Hub

December 13, 2016 | Debbie

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Youth Hubs
Arts and crafts, DJing and a Photoshop creation at a Youth Hub, but that's not all!

Teens visiting the Toronto Public Library Youth Hubs have so many good things to say about their experiences, it's hard to know who to quote first!

Jasmine really got to the heart of it when she said, "I like coming here cuz all my friends are here."

Then Nick said, "When I come here, it feels like I have meaning."

For Diyn, "The Youth Hub has progressively become my second home."

Sounds pretty amazing. But, what is a Youth Hub anyway?

Thyrone explains: "I come here because you get to do things you want with your friends instead of going home after school. And the workers here help with my school work and resume."

Hakan describes the Youth Hub like this: "Great environment to talk to people and make friends. I get to learn from staff, try new activities, get free snacks, and have a good time."

So, we've got friends, homework help, workshops, activities and snacks. Did anyone mention video games yet?

Better quote Stefan: "I like coming to the Hub because I can play PS4, get free food, and people help me with my homework."

Joel is a fan too: "Thank you for bringing out the video games!"

Alright, what happens if you go to a Youth Hub all the time? Zavier breaks it down for us: "The positive experience I gained from the Hub was I got to meet new people and become more responsible. At first, I did not have many friends but then I gained a lot more by being in the Hub. It made me more social and more outgoing within my community. This was my personal experience gained from coming to the Hub every day."

3D Printer Certification
Getting 3D Printer certified at a Youth Hub

Basically, Youth Hubs run in the library after school as a safe space for all youth. People spend time doing homework with tutors, hanging out, playing board or video games, and planning and participating in events, programs and workshops. Many of the activities make use of the technology that the Youth Hub owns, including laptops, cameras, green screens, Arduino kits and DJ equipment.

What else do you need to know? Follow the link for a list of the branches that have a Youth Hub space and their hours. If you have questions or would like to join, email: [email protected], or phone the branch where the Youth Hub is located.

There are also opportunities to become a volunteer for this program.

The last word on Youth Hubs should go to Ajani: "Leadership, equality, respect, good advice and fun."

Or Jacob: "I always feel safe here."

See you soon at the Youth Hub!