Your Bookmark Here: Stealing Snow

December 25, 2016 | Cameron

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1681190761Danielle Paige burst onto the scene a few years ago with her re-imagining of the land of OZ. In her new title "Stealing Snow" she has taken the fairy tale of "The Snow Queen" (think Frozen but the original story" and re-imagined it as a modern day pilgrimage of a young woman finding herself.

The heroine of the book, 17 year old Snow, has been in a mental health institution for most of her life. She suffers from visions and delusions, however she is convinced that she does not belong there and that the things in her head are actually memories and not an affliction. She meets the handsome and mysterious (you have to have some fairy tale tropes) Bale and he helps her to escape.

Once out of the institution and into the woods the line between reality and fairy tale becomes even more blurred as New York City fades and she is in a Narnia like world where there is magic and witches and thieves. Snow may very well belong in this world, but is it a place that she can survive?