Teen Creates Documentary About Turtles

Red Eared SliderThe teens at Toronto Public Library are busy! One of our teen library users has researched and produced a documentary about Red Eared Sliders and is sharing it here.

The Neglected

Red Eared Sliders, they're gentle, kind, clever, beautiful, but neglected. Sadly, turtles are the most abandoned pet in North America! Watch the documentary below to find out more about the problem and how you can help to solve it.

Below is information and resources you can use to learn more about these amazing creatures and find out how you can help.

Chrysemys Scripta Elegans, also known as Red Eared Sliders, are a breed of turtle belonging to the Emydidae family. They eat a balanced diet including meat-based protein sources and fresh plants, when kept as pets they should be fed 50% vegetables, 25% pellets, and 25% live food. Their preferable habitat is in marshes and ponds with external heat sources and areas to bask such as logs and rocks. They can live over 50 years and can grow up to 12 inches in length.

Despite how relatively easy it is to care for Red Eared Sliders, they are often mistreated and abandoned. They can grow quite big and require a large aquarium (about 10 gallons per inch of turtle), warm water temperature (75-86F), a UVA/UVB light and an area to bask on dry land, a filter to keep the water clean (will depend on size of tank), a cover to ensure the turtle doesn’t escape, and a proper balanced diet. There is typically an initial large cost, but if you purchase the correct equipment, their are only minor costs afterwards. Due to what was earlier listed, owners often realize that they are no longer able to take care of their pet turtle and they often release it into the local environment putting Ontario's 8 native species at risk.

There are millions of turtles without homes and not only does neglecting and abandoning Red Eared Sliders affect them, it affects other things as well. We all need to do our part to try and help solve this problem. Every little thing makes a difference.


Contact: theneglected.shortfilm@gmail.com