Summer School

by Riane, Northern District YAG

SUMMMER-SCHOOLIt's the summer, and while everyone else is heading to their cottage, I'm stuck in summer school. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's taking summer school and no, I am not taking summer school because I have to, I'm taking it because I want to. But as a young teenager, I have to complain and rant on about why I hate everything.  

  The whole purpose of summer is to get away from school and enjoy your life to the fullest. Summer allows students to wake up any time of the day and gives a student freedom. We no longer have to worry about our grades and do not have to waste our energy on school projects. I however, am stuck in a classroom. Everyday I have to wake up early. Everyday I have to worry about my grades. Top it off, I have an exam to write at the end of the course. Literally everyone I know is going to Canada's Wonderland or going to the beach. I however, cannot do any of those things and need to study for my future tests and exams. Plus, by the time I finish my course, half of my summer will be over, limiting me from doing any crazy adventures. As much as I want to attend summer school, I wish that I wouldn't have to sacrifice half of my summer. I'm just thankful that I decided to only take one course in the summer as opposed to two. As for those who are taking two courses, one in July and one in August, I wish you good luck.