Smash Bros for the Wii U

By: Tyler, Mitchell & Liyue Maria A. Shchuka Youth Advisory Group Members

 Smash Bros is a game franchise that has brought family and friends together over a series of almost 20 years; from the retro N64, all the way to Nintendo's newest addition, the Wii U. But just how well did creator Masahiro Sakurai live up to the expectations of gamers and fans of the highly acclaimed franchise, with his newest release of Super Smash Bros (for the Wii U) compared to their previous titles? SSBY has successfully dealt with many problems, namely the game pacing issues. SSBY has managed to find a fine balance between the very fast faced SSB melee and the slow flow of SSB brawl, allowing for both casual and competitive play. The newest SSB4, also fixed several of the predecessors' game balance issues, where one character proves to be far stronger than other characters, such as MetaKnight in Brawl, or Fox in Medee. While many problems have been fixed, the introduction of DLC fighters released are considered to be much stronger than regular fighters from the base game. Thankfully the introduction of hot fixes and game patches has minimized the damage caused by regular and DLC fighter balance issues. These types of games are very competitive so people consider many techniques. People who watch the competition also have fun contributing. The program will for sure be enjoyable. In conclusion, taking into account all the pros and cons relevant to the game, we'd give it an overall 9/10.

Smash Bros