Ready to have a wonderful exploring day in Toronto!

Cathy park photo 3 by Cathy, Northern District YAG member

During summer holidays, if you are struggling about where to go, then I have a place for you - Humber Bay Park.

It is located in Etobicoke. You may say that it's pretty far away, but! There are a lot of parking spaces if you're driving. Or the 501 streetcar can take you there and on your way, you can stop at Queen Street West and have a nice brunch.

What's special and awesome about this place is that you can view the skyline of Toronto and the Lake Ontario in a different way. You can explore the new sight of Toronto. Also, one important thing is that there are not a lot people.

Last but not least, if you are kind the person who like photography, that's the perfect place for you! It's beautiful and calm. Take your camera, choose a day with nice weather, and just get ready to have an awesome day!

These are some pictures I took there:

Cathy park photo1 Cathy park photo 2  Cathy park photo 4 Cathy park photo 5 Cathy park photo 6 Cathy park photo 3