Half Blood Prince: REVIEWED

August 18, 2016 | stephen

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Reviewed by Daniel 

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling

HalfbloodprinceWell, I told you I was going to read the next harry potter after I had reviewed the last one. And now I am. I find that this book is more of a love story than an adventure book to be honest. It talks a lot about Harry and how he’s finished with Cho Chang and how he has a crush on Ginny. Same goes for how Hermione and Ron are for each other. The only real action (what I think) is at the end, where the death eaters infiltrate the school and kill Dumbledore. Nonetheless, this is still a very interesting book.

There is a new teacher this year at Hogwarts called Professor Slughorn. He s the new Potions Master. Therefore, Snape gets Defense against the dark arts. Harry only got exceeds expectations on his O.W.L. so Harry didn’t bother buying new potions stuff because Snape only accepts Outstanding in order to get into his N.E.W.T classes. But Slughorn is happy to accept Exceeds Expectations and so Slughorn lends Harry a used potions book from the cupboard that used to belong to a person called The half blood prince. Harry finds useful shortcuts scribbled in by the half blood prince that gets him a glowing reputation with Slughorn.