Book Review: Uglies

August 18, 2016 | Cameron

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Uglies-UKReviewed by Zainab

I have recently read ‘’Uglies’’ by Scott Westerfeld and it completely blew my mind. From the title, I predicted the book would be about girls and problems leading to insecurity. It was close to what I had anticipated.

Westerfeld has set this book in a future time, soon after 300 years of some disaster destroying the past civilization. The book takes place in 4 main areas: The Smoke, the Rusty Ruins, New Pretty Town, and Ugly Ville. The majority of the story is centered at The Smoke, a small village hidden away from civilization.

The story mainly revolves around a young girl, Tally Youngblood, who is soon to turn sixteen. In Tally’s world, turning sixteen means you get a chance to go through an operation that makes you ‘’pretty.’’ Being ‘’pretty’’ means your entire body is transformed. Your bones and skin are new and more aesthetic in a way. After all, they don’t call it ‘’pretty’’for nothing do they?