Book Review: Poles Apart

August 18, 2016 | Cameron

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PolespartReviewed by Belinda from the Cedarbrae branch.

Poles Apart is a novel written by Terry Fallis, best-selling author of The Best Laid Plans. The novel is about the struggles that Everett Kane experiences in his life, as a 36-year-old straight, white male, supporting feminism. As a freelance writer living in Toronto, he struggles to make ends meet.

When his father, Billy Kane, is registered to a rehabilitation facility in Orlando, Florida, Everett is assigned the responsibility of caring for his father, with the support of his mother, Evelyn. There, he meets a feminist idol of his, Beverley Tanner, and becomes inspired to create a feminist blog to reignite his flare of devotion for the equality of the sexes. The purpose of the blog, the Eve of Equality(E of E), is to share Everett’s beliefs with the world, in a way where he wouldn’t be judged or misunderstood, so he keeps his identity a secret.