Well of Ascension: REVIEWED

July 9, 2016 | stephen

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Reviewed by Catherine at Pleasant View

WellofascensionThe second book in a series, The Well of Ascension continues off from Mistborn's cliffhanger; another war on the horizon.

Wordsmithed by Brandon Sanderson, this series is set in a medieval like world, but that's where the similarity between most other fantasy books end. There is just so much well thought out events happening in this novel. A session of politics followed by an intense aerial coin battle with the Allomancer heroine, who can burn swallowed metals for superhuman powers. Somewhere in the plot is a body replacing spy, armies that outgrow their skin, and the Well of Ascension: an item of prophecy that's being decoded by Keepers, Feruchemists, who store memory like a rechargeable battery.

At a whopping 756 pages long, the only genre this book fits in... is self made: Correct use of the word Awesome. (Which Brandon Sanderson also did very well.)