The Conjuring 2 Review

    Recently I watched The Conjuring 2 with some friends of mine. Directed by James Wan, the movie is based on a true event that happened to a family in Enfield, England in the late 70's. While it was happening, nobody really knew the solution to it. It had many people wondering if it was true or not based on the phenomenon going around the house.

    This movie starts with a calm scenario – once you get introduced to the characters and the scene though, everything you previously thought of the movie changes. Two demons haunt two separate families with no relation. Strange things begin happening in the house; demolished furniture, coming to "real life" and the demons disrupting the family and every one in it. One demon is possessing a little girl name Janet while the other one is haunting another women as it wants her husband dead. Both of these demons have separate goals within the family, but they don't meet until the reporters contact them. Both families have a separate situation until they put the pieces together with all the clues they have received.

    Don't get me wrong – like every other viewer in the theatre, I didn't think The Conjuring 2 was going to be scary. But once I saw the movie, it had me terrified for a good week. The Conjuring 2 has some similarities to The Conjuring. They both include real life stories that happened to families around the world. This movie was really intense because it scares you when you least expect it, as well as when you expect it. Almost everything was on point with the movie, from the paintings to the destruction. Everything had a purpose. The movie was also shot nicely. There were moments where it focused on one specific shot while something else was moving in the background. You never knew where to look.

    This is by far one of my favourite scary movies to watch this year. If I could, I would watch it again and again. This movie is different from the other scary movies out there because it is based on a true story. If you do enjoy scary scenes (or terrifying for that matter), you should also visit the haunted house at the Albion Library in October.

    The Conjuring 2 is an amazing movie that focuses on terrifying its viewers. I strongly recommend watching this movie. I would rate it 7.2/10 stars.