High School Survival Tips

Everyone says this but, don't procrastinate! It's very hard to stay organized throughout the years but it is very important to do so because it will make things easier for you.  Below are some tips that should help you survive the four grueling years of high school!

  • Make sure that you are hanging out with the right group. If your friends constantly peer pressure you to do something you don't want to, it's okay to cut them off; hang out with the right crowd.
  • Throughout your high school years, you will probably get lazy. Remember that you will only be in high school for FOUR years. Four years is very short time but these four years will be very important. Do your homework and study for tests and exams. DONT GET LAZY!!
  • Go to school games, concerts or any other school events because it will make for great memories many years after graduation.
  • Think about your future; gather your talents and interests and go from there.
  • Make sure not to leave your volunteer hours for the last minute! It might get too stressful in the older grades and may get in the way of your studies. Make sure to volunteer a lot during the summer and stay on good terms with your teachers, principals and guidance counselors.
  • But most importantly- STAY OUT OF TROUBLE and HAVE FUN!!  Survival