High school life is a roller coaster. You can sometimes have great experiences and enjoy them or be scared to death and question your life decisions. It's also the time  where you feel lost and doubt yourself immensely. Many people don' know what their futures hold. Consequently, they struggle to pick a career they want. Students are pressured to think  that their lives must be figured out by the end of high school. In reality, it's not that big of a deal. The biggest favor you can make to your future self while in high school is to experiment and try different things to find your interests. It can help guide you towards possible careers. In the meantime, take different courses. Try different hobbies. Participate in school events. Try-out for teams. Be involved. Courtney Summers, for instance,the amazing author of All the Rage, pursued various careers before becoming an author. She tried being a singer, an actress and a photographer. It's only the beginning of a long journey. The amount of effort you put into searching yourself will determine how much it helped you. Even if you don't figure it out and make mistakes, everything will lead you towards what you're meant to be.