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November 4, 2015 | Michelle S

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Meet Dot, seventeen year old girl with big dreams but a tiny stature.  The year is 1964 and Dot finds herself once again stranded and alone as her only home The Benevolent Home for Necessitous Girls-an orphanage, burns down.  She has no other choice but to leave, and so Small Bones begins with Dot's journey in search of her birth parents and answers to her numerous questions.  Luck brings her to a rural lakeside resort in Ontario where rumour has it a tiny baby, the size of a dot went missing seventeen years ago.  Could this baby be her?  Can Dot find a way to learn more about this so called rumour and uncover the identity of her parents?  A mix of girl meets cute boy, summer romance, suspense, drama and mystery, Small Bones is a great addition to the Secret Series.  Vicki Grant intertwines both humour and tension, creating the perfect balance between dark and light.  A quick read perfect for the weekend! 


 Small Bones