Scribes, Submissions, and Trade Secrets

Calling all Toronto teen scribes, writers, poets, authors, graphic novelists, creators of creative non-fiction, diarists, dreamers... Yes, I mean you! Send me your writing for feedback:

Please include the first three letters of your postal code when you submit. I will reply as soon as possible with kudos, comments and critique.

What do I want to see? Whatever you'd like to send.

Here's the thing—I know how tough it is to put your writing out there, to share, to open yourself up to criticism and critique. Here's my commitment to you: I will be honest. I will point out what works for me and what doesn't. I will be gentle. And I will be grateful that you put your trust in me and allowed me to read your words.

What can you expect from my posts here on the blog starting this week and running through December 9, 2015?

Writing exercises and tips, writing prompts, pictures, videos, awesome interviews, reflections on the writing life, insider info about publishing, writing advice from some top YA authors, and PRIZES! I have books, books and more books to give away each week. Some are signed! To win, all you need to do is leave a comment in the post that hosts each individual contest (and you need to be a Toronto teen).

A bit about me:

I kayak.

I write books for teens and adults.

I am the wrangler of two dogs and a ball python called Ragnar.

Current fave snack: sweet and salty kettle corn.

I am terrified of: spiders.



(This is me with a snake that is not Ragnar. Ragnar is more of a buttery yellow and he's a little bigger.)


Want to know more about me and my books? Check out my intro post.