Book of the Week: Sweet by Emmy Laybourne

July 24, 2015 | Amanda

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I have always loved mystery novels, crime shows, and horror anything, so when I picked this book up I was happily surprised to see that Emmy Laybourne’s new novel, Sweet is peppered with elements of action, gore, and romance – right up my alley!

In Sweet, Laurel and her friend Viv take a trip on the newest and biggest celebrity-filled cruise ship sponsored by the large diet craze company Solu. When Solu throws this one-of-a-kind party they also claim that all their passengers will drop five percent of their body weight in just days. Main character Laurel instantly regrets her decision to join Viv the minute she sets foot on the ship – and things go downhill for her from there. For starters, she embarrasses herself in front of celebrity host Tom Fiorelli (her secret crush) and becomes extremely sea sick – making it impossible for her to even try the Solu sweetener. And as more and more people do begin taking Solu, they also begin acting very strange.

Tom aka “Baby Tom Tom” is a child actor turned celebrity commentator whose initial role in the story is to hob knob and make nice with the other passengers, documenting their progress and their experiences on the new product. But, soon after the other passengers begin to show signs of duress, Tom turns his reporting into an exposé on Solu’s shocking effects.

Emmy Laybourne’s story is nothing like any other young adult fiction I have read. She does an excellent job captivating her audience using elements of gore and romance to hook her readers into the story of Laurel, her budding romance with Tom and the catastrophic and frightening effects of Solu. The story takes a great stance on body image and the lengths people will go to be thin. Laurel is a strong female lead with a body-positive attitude. This is a great read with a lot of awesomeness! 

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