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May 27, 2015 | Michelle S

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Have you ever fallen in loveOff-the-page-400w with a character from a book and wondered what it would feel like to meet them in the flesh?  I recently read Jodi Picoult's Off the Page and its the perfect combination of fantasy, fairytale and real life.  Its the story of Delilah, Oliver, Edgar and a talking dog- that's right...a talking, barking, tail-wagging dog.  Delilah gets to experience something every girl has only dreamt of- to be able to date her very own prince charming.  Scheming and planning, Delilah hatches a plan for Oliver to escape his fantasy life (that's stuck inside a book might I add )and become a part of hers.  But what happens when Oliver realizes that the real world isn't much of a fairy tale? Oliver tries to fit in as a normal teenager in high school, but quickly learns how hard that is!  Chemistry is all about letters and numbers not spells and 'eyes of newt'; Off the Page  is quirky and fun and deals with the real issues of acceptance, jealousy, and relationships all the while balancing the very make belief life of fantasy and fairy tale.  Although a companion novel, Off the Page can be enjoyed as a standalone, and delivers the same wit, charm and intricacy as Between the Lines. An enchanting read from start to finish, Jodi Picoult captures the essence of being a teenager in her novel.  Click here to place a hold on Off the Page.