Steampunk tinkerings + DIY projects

June 6, 2013 | Ray

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Are you a tinkerer? dabbler? And want to create something from (almost) nothing?

Here are a few steampunk DIY books - from fashion to baubles and sundries.  But where to find old gears and other metal parts? Find junk and take it apart! Inside that old blender or phone or that alley-way rubble are lots of funky metal do-hickies just waiting to be reconfigured. All you need is some craftiness, a vision, and probably spraypaint + glue gun.

Want googles but on the DIY cheap - like $1 cheap?

Here's the finished pair from the Goggles on a Dollar DIY.  Not too shabby - looks great!

SteampunkGizmos DollarGoggles




























P.S. This steampunk bunny is too cute - no?