Breaking Up is Hard To Do

April 25, 2013 | Claire A

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Break ups are hard plain and simple. There's nothing good about them - whether it is a mutual thing, you've been dumped or even worse, you have to break someone's heart- there is no easy way to deal with them. As much time as we spend thinking about love and happiness and meeting that perfect someone, an equal amount of time is probably spent thinking about that special someone that you can't have and how much it hurts when you know you love someone and they just don't feel the same way. Whether its your first love or not, no matter how old you are, it doesn't get any easier. The good news is that life does go on and even though one relationship ends, the door opens to new opportunities. If you've ever had your heart broken or felt the pain of a breakup, you can check out these titles about the ups and downs of relationships and how others have dealt with their heartache. 
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