Teen Book Trailers

February 28, 2012 | Tatted Librarian

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Yes, yes, I love the book trailers.

I spent many many hours at my desk looking for amazing books trailers that inspire me to read a new book or explore a new author. 

Some authors will also have clips of their talking about their latest novel, and I am a frequent view of Nerdfighters vlog - John and Hank Green's amazing youtube channel.  But I am getting off of topic. Instead of droning on about why I love book trailer so much, I think I'll post a couple of my current favourites. In case you are taken away with any of these book, you can click on the title, and it will take to the spot where you can either place a hold or find the novel in your local branch.

John Green's The Fault in Our Stars. (yes, I do love this man's work) 

The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong (A White Pine Nominated Book)

Do you have a favourite book trailer?