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Toronto 1972 — from the shelves of the Toronto Collection

December 11, 2013 | Shawn Micallef | Comments (0)


In the past, the future was always bright. Above is a small book found in the Toronto Collection at the Reference Library from January 1972 called Development of Toronto. The city had about twenty years of post-war growth by this point, with a lot more planned. It's an of-the-moment boosterish look at Toronto just before the "reform" council of Mayor David Crombie was elected that too a critical look at where the city was going.


Look at that font.


Old Toronto names, still important, and late, great department store chains connected by underground tunnels.


1972 was also the early days of modern PATH system of tunnels underneath the new financial district skyscrapers.


Commerce Court was just then going up, adding much new territory to the PATH system.


There have been many plans for the Island Airport land, this one, residential and in the modernist style, was called Harbour City.


Yonge and Eglinton has been low and high-rise for over forty years. This is looking east, along Eglinton, with the prospoed site of Canada Square over the Eglinton Subway station.


The RCMP building has become the Grand Hotel.



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