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Lillian H. Smith

Doctor Who?

July 26, 2011 | Claire | Comments (1)

(warning:  mild spoilers)
Last night I watched the last episode on my new DVD Doctor Who Series 6 Part 1--which arrived a scant week ago and which my family and I tore through--and my head is now dizzy with mysteries solved and unsolved.  Steven Moffat, the show's head writer, is a master of intricate storytelling and also of the art of the cliff-hanger--the first episode where the doctor is shot and fails to regenerate?  Yikes!  And Amy can't tell him he's going to die because it will rip open the fabric of space and time--except she does, accidentally,  when the Doctor gains a doppelganger made of "flesh" and the two Doctors exchange shoes so no one can tell them apart--and the space/time fabric seems to survive.  But with the Doctor, you never know.  After all, we are on our second Universe in this season.  And oh my gosh, the final episode, where we finally learn who River Song really is, but even more important, get to see Rory storming around in his Roman Centurian costume shouting "Where is my wife?!"!  Seriously, how great was that? 

As you can probably tell, my family and I are dedicated Whovians, or fans of the BBC television series Doctor Who, which will shortly celebrate it's fiftieth anniversary.  The show is about a space-and-time-traveller from a planet called Gallifrey who seems to be particularly fond of earth (especially Britain) and travels with human companions in a sentient time machine that looks like a British police phone booth.  From it's origins in 1963 to the present, it has generated an enormous international following and become famous for visionary, creative scripts,  shiver-inducing monsters, and (in it's early years) cheesy special effects.  Those who aren't yet hooked should check out the trailer for Season Six Part Two:


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Here's a link to the official BBC Doctor Who website.

And, last but not least, true fans should plan a visit to the Merrill Collection at the Lillian H. Smith branch, which has more than enough  Doctor Who material to keep us all reading until the next DVD set comes out!