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February 2011

Why Does a Baby Need a Library Card?

February 25, 2011 | Claire | Comments (1)

Here's a quick quiz.  How old do you have to be to get your first library card?

a)  Kindergarten age

b)  One year old

c)  The day you are born

If you guessed c, you're correct!  Not all parents realize that their newborns are entitled to their own library cards from birth onwards.   Many studies show that reading aloud to babies helps to stimulate their language development and other pre-reading skills, and any new parent who has seen their son or daughter's face light up at the sight of a favourite story knows how much fun reading together can be! Toronto Public Libraries supports new parents who are introducing reading into their family routines by lowering overdue fines on children's cards, and by buying materials, such as board books, suitable for even very young babies.  The next time you visit us, ask the librarian to show you books just right for your baby!