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Some Suggested Resources for Creative Writers

October 29, 2014 | Richard Scarsbrook | Comments (1)

Hello, fellow writers!

There are many, many useful books on the art, craft, and mechanics of writing!  While this list is far from exhaustive, here are a few that I have found useful:


Roget's Thesaurus

The Oxford Canadian and Webster's Encyclopedic dictionaries

Also, baby naming books are helpful for finding names for your characters, and having several from different eras is really helpful!



Style, Grammar, Editing Guides


The Elements of Style – Strunk and White,

The Elements of Grammar – Shertzer,

The Elements of Editing - Plotnik

Writer’s Choice – Northey and Proctor

Eats, Shoots and Leaves – Lynn Truss

Acommodating Brocolli in the Cemetary – Vivian Cook (the misspellings are intentional!)



Creative Guides       


On Writing – Stephen King

A Passion for Narrative – Jack Hodgins

Writing Fiction - Burroway

Writing Life – Rooke

The Art of Fiction – Gardner

The Joy of Writing – Berton

How Stories Mean – Metcalf, Struthers

The Miracle of Language – Lederer


So … get reading!  And then get writing!


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