grab & go bags are here!

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Do you miss the opportunity to browse the collection at your local branch? Do you love to grab half-a-dozen different books at once? Do you prefer to pick up items on a whim, rather than put them on hold?

You should try one of our grab & go bags!

Right now, our branches are open for contactless pick-up and drop-off of materials only. Find out more about our services during the COVID-19 pandemic. But we know that holds are just one way our customers like to borrow materials. So our staff have put together grab & go bags for local customers on a wide variety of themes and genres. Each bag contains a curated selection of books, DVDs or CDs on a specific topic. We have specialized bags for all ages, too!


How it Works

Grab and go bags
Grab & go bags being prepared at College/Shaw Branch.

1. Check out or contact your local branch!

Grab & go bags have labels hinting at what's inside. You'll see drama, crime, dystopia, magic, space, humour, book to film, crafts for kids... all sorts of topics! Each bag indicates how many items are inside.

2. Tell staff at the contactless pickup station which bag you're interested in.

Staff will need your TPL card to sign the items out to you.

3. Take your bag home and enjoy!

Please take the bag of items away from the pickup point before opening it. If there are any items in the bag you're not interested in – maybe a book you've already read – you can return them in the outside book drop.


Participating Branches

We're pleased to offer grab & go bags at most of our branches. Here's a complete, alphabetical list of branches with grab & go bags.

  1. Agincourt
  2. Albert Campbell Pop-Up
  3. Albion
  4. Amesbury Park
  5. Annette Street
  6. Armour Heights
  7. Barbara Frum
  8. Bayview
  9. Beaches
  10. Bendale
  11. Bloor/Gladstone
  12. Brentwood
  13. Bridlewood
  14. Brookbanks
  15. Cedarbrae
  16. Centennial
  17. Cliffcrest
  18. College/Shaw
  19. Danforth/Coxwell
  20. Dawes Road
  21. Deer Park
  22. Don Mills
  23. Downsview
  24. Dufferin/St. Clair
  25. Eatonville
  26. Eglinton Square
  27. Elmbrook Park
  28. Evelyn Gregory
  29. Fairview
  30. Flemingdon Park
  31. Forest Hill
  32. Fort York
  33. Gerrard/Ashdale
  34. Goldhawk Park
  35. Guildwood
  36. High Park
  37. Highland Creek
  38. Hillcrest
  39. Humber Summit
  40. Humberwood
  41. Jane/Dundas
  42. Jane/Sheppard
  43. Jones
  44. Kennedy/Eglinton
  45. Leaside
  46. Lillian H. Smith
  47. Locke
  48. Long Branch
  49. Malvern
  50. Maria A. Shchuka
  51. Maryvale
  52. McGregor Park
  53. Mimico Centennial
  54. Morningside
  55. Mount Dennis
  56. New Toronto
  57. North York Central Library
  58. Northern District
  59. Northern Elms
  60. Oakwood Village Library and Arts Centre
  61. Palmerston
  62. Pape/Danforth
  63. Parkdale
  64. Parliament Street
  65. Pleasant View
  66. Rexdale
  67. Riverdale
  68. Richview
  69. Runnymede
  70. S. Walter Stewart
  71. Sanderson
  72. Scarborough Civic Centre
  73. St. Lawrence
  74. Steeles
  75. Taylor Memorial
  76. Thorncliffe
  77. Toronto Reference Library
  78. Victoria Village
  79. Weston
  80. Woodview Park


If you're unfamiliar with branch locations or hours, check out our branches map or A-Z listing.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many grab & go bags can I borrow?

Most library cards can borrow up to 75 items, and the flyer on each bag indicates the number of items inside it. So within that limit... as many as you can carry!

How do I choose my grab & go bag?

Check out the display and tell staff station which bag you’d like.

Can I pick a grab & go bag and then give it back?

For everyone's safety, please return items that you do not want from a grab & go back via the branch book drop. Staff cannot take back a grab & go bag directly. Customers are welcome to reuse or recycle the exterior bag.

What is the quarantine process for materials in grab & go bags?

All materials in a grab & go bag have gone through a quarantine period of 96 hours or more. Staff packing grab & go bags wear masks and follow regular hand washing protocols. Items returned from grab & go bags go through our regular quarantine procedure. Find out more about COVID-19 and how we're working to keep our customers and staff safe.

What if I want a specific book, DVD or CD?

Please place a hold for specific items.

What if I'm looking for a specific format, such as audiobooks, large print or DVDs?

Please phone your local branch before you visit. Staff can pick a grab & go bag for you with items in the requested format.

I have a Digital Access Card. Can I borrow a grab & go bag?

Sorry, at this time only full access library cards can be used to borrow physical materials. Digital Access Cards are for online materials only. A full access library card can be signed up for in person in our branches as COVID-19 restrictions allow. Please visit our COVID-19 impacts page for updates.


Edited April 8: Branches that are closed during the Provincial emergency and stay-at-home order will not be offering grab & go bags and have been removed from this list.

Edited April 19: Humberwood, Maryvale, and Rexdale are now offering grab & go bags and have been added to this list.