Line by Line: Sharing Ourselves & Our Stories

June 26, 2019 | Rachelle

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On Thursday, June 13, Adult Literacy Services launched a new commemorative compilation, Line By Line Sharing Ourselves & Our Stories. This book showcases work written by participants from 13 Literacy and Basic Skills programs in Toronto. Adult learners with varied literacy skill levels expressed themselves through short stories, life stories, poetry and song to create the content. Over 110 learners, instructors and tutors came to witness the occasion. Cynthia Toniolo started the event off with a heart-warming welcome. The Library's Writer in Residence, Claire Tansey, was the keynote speaker.

Writer in Residence  Claire Tansey
Writer in Residence Claire Tansey.


Her engaging presentation on the connection between recipe writing and traditions, culture and history, helped to inspire budding writers. Claire shared about her new book, Uncomplicated: Taking the Stress out of Home Cooking, and provided tips on how to write a recipe. Not to be out done, four authors who contributed to the book read their personal stories. They shared their dreams, goals and humour. One notable speaker spoke honestly about his journey from child soldier to his new life in Canada. We are proud to recognize all of their hard work and determination!


Godfrey Khatamah Kawsar
Content contributors, Godfrey, Khatamah and Kawsar.


You can borrow a copy of Line by Line: Sharing Ourselves & Our Stories or download the PDF today!

Line by Line gives a voice to adults who are working to improve their literacy skills. This unique project shows our role in bringing the community together and it supports the Library's current Strategic Plan by breaking down barriers and driving inclusion. If you know someone who would like to improve their reading, writing or math skills, TPLoffers one-on-one tutoring for adults 16 or older.


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