The Fresh New Face of Albion Branch

June 7, 2017 | Chantel

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After two years of eager anticipation, the wait is finally over! The new Albion Branch reopened its doors to the public today at 3:30 pm, after being closed for three weeks. 

Excited families, adults and youths waited for the grand debut and were greeted by a line of staff members handing out limited edition library bags with the new Albion branch image as they walked through the glass doors. Customers also had the opportunity to meet the City Librarian Vickery Bowles and City Councillor Vincent Crisanti who shared their thoughts of the new branch. Mayor John Tory also delivered a speech and was available for selfies with a long line of enthusiastic customers.

Ribbon Cutting at Albion Branch Opening

After the official ribbon cutting ceremony, the celebration began with a live DJ playing music to set the mood. Balloons of all different shapes and colours were handed out as children and families explored the marketplace truck in the new KidsStop. The front lights of the truck even light up! For those looking for something magical, a magician floated around the branch delighting people with his tricks. 

Magic Tricks at the Opening

A board with changing light colours! How amazing is that!

Discovery Zone

If the magic tricks weren’t awe inspiring enough, our new Digital Innovation Hub showcased an array of new technology. Long line-ups of customer waited patiently to immerse themselves in a virtual reality world through the VIVE goggles.  The 3D printers and robotics demo also captured a large audience, as customers watched how plastic objects were printed by the Ultimaker and a roving robotic vehicle maneuvered in a maze. Interested in learning more about the technology? Sign up for the 3D Printer Certificate class.

Digital Innovation Hub

Youth hung out at the new teen space playing a friendly video game match on the large 80 inch TV. 

Youth Hub at Albion Branch

While some customers meandered through the branch absorbing the spacious and bright space, others headed towards the bookshelves to check out the latest reads.  What better place to catch up on reading than in one of the three bright reading gardens?

Reading Garden at Albion

Of course, no celebration is ever complete without an energetic dance accompanied by drums!  


Our roving photo booth also helped everyone commemorate the reopening!

Snapchat Photobooth
At the end of the day, over 1,000 customers came to check out the new place. If you missed the celebration, it’s not too late to come out and see what’s happening!