Soundstreams Salon 21 at Three Library Branches

April 16, 2015 | Miriam

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This spring we launch a new cultural collaboration with Soundstreams, bringing their popular Salon 21 series to three library branches: Fairview, April 30, Palmerston, May 5; Malvern, June 3.

Sound Streams

Soundstreams is a Toronto-based music presenter that showcases the work of contemporary Canadian composers and their international counterparts. In its 30 years of bringing wonderful music to Toronto audiences, Soundtreams has commissioned many works, adding more than 150 to the musical repertoire worldwide. These include the Toronto Fanfare Project, the Cool Drummings percussion festival and even operas, such as Thomson Highway and Melissa Hui’s Cree opera Pimooteewin: The Journey. In 2014, Soundstreams presented R. Murray Schafer’s The Children’s Crusade, which won a Dora Award, and Brian Current's opera Airline Icarus.

The Salon 21 performances at the library offer library audiences a slice of the Soundstreams’ 2015/2016 season. Here’s the lineup.



Fairview, April 30, in the theater, 7 pm. 


The Four Seasons Remixed. Everyone has heard Four Seasons on their car radio, in the mall or supermarket. This performance looks at what is surely Vivaldi's most popular work through a very new and different lens. Join us as we explore Four Seasons through a completely different lens in a jazz version of Spring, a string quartet version of Summer, and complete remixes of Autumn and Winter.


Palmerston, May 5, 7 pm Salon_latin

The Pulse of Latin Percussion. From Samba to Rumba, Tango and Mambo, the music of Latin America has found its way to listeners and dance floors around the world. Hear some of the finest percussionists explore these richly varied styles and traditions and learn about the cajon, conga, timbale and other instruments that create the infectious rhythms that will have you moving in your seat!


Malvern, June 3, 7 pm Salon_squeezebox

Squeezebox wraps up the series. You might have the (erroneous) view that the accordion isn’t good for much but oom-pa-pa polkas. Wrong! Join us as accordion wunderkind Michael Bridge takes us on a musical journey of this remarkable instrument that is capable of great musical range and virtuosity. Its music evokes earlier eras, from German beer halls to late-night Italian cafés and Argentine dance halls.

Salon 21, which is usually only at the Gardiner Museum, is all about exploring art and culture in a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere. The concerts allow audiences to engage with artists and each other to understand music and its intersection with other art forms. In this terrific video of Soundstreams' Choir! Choir! Choir! in performance, the audiences is making the music. 


But before you hunt down the other videos of past Soundstreams performance on Youtube, be sure to check out the library's very special spring Salon 21 Series.  

Music at Toronto Public Library

The library has an immense collection of CDs, scores, vinyl… and it is through the collection that one can also get a sense of the scope of accordion music. You’ll see all kinds of music in this listing, from folk to traditional pieces, Israeli, Irish, classical, Klezmer and more.

The library also has the entire Naxos classical and jazz catalogues—just sign in with your library card. If you are curious about Vivaldi himself, the library has many and works of musical criticism and appreciation as well as biographies, including this striking title: Vivaldi: Red Priest of Venice. Plus we have scores galore--and they can be borrowed. Just search for composer and instrument, or composer and title word (e.g., sonata) and you will find a real treasure trove. If you have any difficulties, a librarian in your branch can help.