The eh List for Fall 2014 - September Authors

August 13, 2014 | Joseph

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Eh list

The eh List for Fall is looking amazing. The lineup is a virtual who's who of Can Lit. We are very excited about what's coming up, and the blogger wrote too much to put into one article. So, here is the September lineup. Mark your calendar.


Linwood Barclay: No Safe House

Linwood Barclay c. David Cooper

Fans of TV series Breaking Bad will love this newest from Linwood Barclay. Barclay burst onto the Canadian Thriller scene with No Time For Goodbye in 2008. In ‘No Time’, Cynthia Bigge unearths the events surrounding the disappearance of her family many years previous. In order to understand the events, she involved herself with a former boyfriend and criminal, Vince Fleming. In this sequel, Cynthia’s daughter, Grace, finds herself entangled in the web of deceit which has hamstrung the Bigge family for 25 years.

Frances Itani: Tell


When Itani’s first novel, Deafening came out ten years ago, it was much loved by readers of literary fiction. Her characters well developed, the story woven finely between the Home Front near Belleville, and the Great War and its horrors. Tell is a kind of a sequel. Upon his partial return from the war, Kenan, or those parts of him which remain, has to learn to live in a world where he no longer has the use of one eye, one arm, or his heart, which was gravely damaged by his time in the trenches. With Deafening, Itani established herself as a full blown, first-rank Canadian literary voice. Her other books include Remembering the Bones, and Poached Egg on Toast, which won the 2005 Ottawa Book Award.


 The Word On The Street – 25 Year Salute

Word on the Street

The eh List Author Series salutes 25 years of Word On The Street with a special presentation of great authors with great new books. The host for the event will be Jared Bland of the Globe and Mail books team.

Emma DEmma Donoghueonoghue’s newest novel, Frog Music, brings to life the hurly burly of San Francisco of the 1880s, the music of the day, and a crime which was never solved. Donoghue has a penchant for reinventing herself and her fiction, and in this ramble across time, she has completely departed from her former life as the author of ‘Room’.

Anthony De Sa is a Toronto teacher and writer. His first book, Barnacle Love, was short listed for the Toronto Book Award, and told the story of a Portuguese immigrant to Canada. Anthony De SaIn this newest book, Kicking the Sky, he remains within the Portuguese community from whence he tells the story of Emanuel Jaques, a young Portuguese boy who was brutally assaulted and murdered on Toronto’s Yonge Street Strip of the late 1970’s. This is a difficult book about a difficult chapter of Toronto’s history.

David Bezmozgis’ first novel was one of the most anticipated first novels I can remember. The Free World followed his remarkable collection of stories Natasha and Other Stories. And now he is back with a new – and again greatly heralded – novel, The Betrayers. It is a timely book about an Israeli politician who gets into trouble – a lot of trouble – for taking an unpopular stand on the controversial West Bank settlements. The action involves Kotler, his wife, his mistress, his son, his daughter and the man who betrayed him to the KGB 40 years earlier.

Russell Wangursky is perhaps best known as a non-fiction author of Burning Down the House: Fighting Fires and Losing Myself. He is a working journalist in St. John’s Newfoundland where he edits and writes for the Telegraph-Journal. Since his debut as a writer of creative non-fiction, he has had considerable success writing fiction. In Walt, he explores the interior life of a grocery-store cleaner who collects things for his own dark purposes while the local police continue to investigate the long ago disappearance of his wife.


Charles Foran – Planet Lolita

Charlie Foran

Charlie Foran is a writer, editor and currently is the president of PEN Canada. He has written ten books. Biographies, (Mordecai Richler and Maurice Richard), novels and essays. Planet Lolita takes place in Hong Kong on a remote beach, where a dozen women appear as if by magic. Xixi, our protagonist, takes particular interest in the girls, and sends the family on a fast-paced cyber journey into territory nobody expected to travel.


Linda Holeman – The Devil on Her Tongue

Linda Holeman

Best known for her Saffron Gate and In A Far Country, Linda Holeman has a penchant for lavish historical drama. Her characters are closely drawn and surprisingly comprehensible, given that they usually exist in distant times and places. In The Devil on Her Tongue , Diamentina is the daughter of a beach-side ‘witch’ and a Dutch sailor who escapes his execution.

Her mother prepares her for a difficult life and her father ensures that difficulty by abandoning them and heading to Brazil. The story never flags. While we spend a lot of time inside the sharp mind of Diamantina, there is no shortage of action, travel, deceipt and difficulty in the world she inhabits. This book is skillfully written and presented with intelligence, wit and historical accuracy.   


Joseph Boyden – The Orenda

Joseph Boyden

When Boyden’s Three Day Road hit Canadian readers, it left many of us in a spin. The utter realism of this journey of discovery still resonates for those who read it. The sequel, Through Black Spruce, took the Giller Prize and made the popular Metis writer a superstar of Canadian Literature. The Orenda falls squarely into Boyden’s bailiwick. The theme of a clash of civilizations – First Nations and European – is central to all of Boyden’s work, in The Orenda, he struggles to present the early encounters between White people and Red people in a nuanced retelling of the story of St. Marie Among The Hurons. Telling the tale from the perspectives of an aging warrior, his captive, and a European priest, Boyden attempts to bring the reader into the lodge, onto the battlefield, and into the confused and complex minds of people facing spectacular change in the world. The popular choice for 2014’s Canada Reads competition, The Orenda is an important book which should be on every Canadian book lover’s wish list.

Mr. Boyden will be interviewed by Toronto critic and author Donna Bailey Nurse.