Toronto Teens Review One Book: Fahrenheit 451

April 18, 2013 | Ab. Velasco

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Through a continued partnership with Toronto District School Board, 1,000 high school students are reading and discussing our One Book - "Fahrenheit 451" by Ray Bradbury - during the Keep Toronto Reading Festival this April.

"The Library is especially pleased to partner with the TDSB on One Book," says programming manager Tina Srebotnjak. "We think it’s wonderful to have high school students taking part in this community project, and it’s so interesting to hear their views on the books we’ve picked over the years. The TDSB has been a great partner, expanding from 4 schools in our first year to 35 this year."

Published 60 years ago, "Fahrenheit 451" depicts a future where people have turned away from reading and have been seduced by mass entertainment.

So we were very curious to hear what a new generation of youth - who are growing up in a similarly media saturated world depicted in "Fahrenheit 451" - think about Bradbury's seminal work. So we asked three Toronto youth to each blog a review of Bradbury's classic novel.

Check out their reviews and let us know if you agree or disagree:

Escaping The Pit by Benjamin Gabbay

Fahrenheit 451: Warning or Wake Up Call? by Sam Mano

Put Down Your Cell Phones And Think! by Sierra Sun