Free Science Events in Toronto for September 2018

August 29, 2018 | Cathy

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The Business, Science & Technology Department of North York Central Library compiles a monthly calendar of free science and applied science events in Toronto. Applied science includes health, gardening, pets and food; all subjects found in the department's collection. Here is the September calendar (PDF).

September's highlights include:

September 6: triOS College. Gaming 101 - bring your gaming ideas to life. 

September 23: Downsview Park. Orchard Party 2018 - celebrate the autumn harvest at the Orchard.

September 26: FutureMakers Mega Meetup. RBC FutureMakers - meet with members from the thriving Toronto Tech community and discuss emerging tech topics in AI, cyber security, DevOps, and web development.

The Toronto Public Library also offers many free science and applied science events:

Science & Technology

Health & Wellness

Computer & Library Training

September's highlights include:

September 4: The Gamer's Brain: Master Online Chess, Beginner Level at Barbara Frum Library. Play chess online with opponents from all over the world and flex your chess brain today! 

September 6: Driving and Dementia--with the Alzheimer Society of Toronto at Leaside Library. This workshop focuses on how dementia impacts the ability to drive safely and legislation related to driving and dementia.

September 12: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia at Albert Campbell Library. Dr. King will be discussing lifestyle tools and strategies, as well as, pain management, pacing techniques, and nutrition and supplementation.

September 13: Sea of Life Documentary with Filmmaker Julia Barnes at Deer Park Library. Sea of Life takes audiences on a provocative journey, through the most stunning and threatened ecosystems on the planet and the rallying movement underway to save them.

September 22: Intro to 3D Design using Tinkercad at Agincourt Library. At this hands-on workshop, participants will learn how to create simple 3D designs and become familiar with Tinkercad design application.

Can't attend a program or want to read more about the topics covered? Try some of these titles:

How to play chess  Cyber Attack Manual

The Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Solution   Tinkercard 

Ocean: the Definitive Visual Guide  Harvest Kitchen Cookbook

Dementia in the Family: Practical Advice From a Caregiver  Artifical Intelligence