My Funny Valentine, Over and Over Again

June 11, 2018 | Ranald

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Naxos Music Library Jazz is a library eresource with a lot of jazz (jazz legends and contemporary jazz), pop and rock, nostalgia, world and relaxation music: over 185,000 tracks of it.

You can listen to these tracks in different ways. You can listen to a whole album. You can listen to a part of one. You can create a playlist to listen to parts of different albums.

To create a playlist:

Step 1. Click on the Playlists tab. Sign up for an account. This involves entering your name, your email and a password. You activate the account through your email. Then log in.

Naxos menu bar

Step 2. Search for tracks to put on your playlist, e.g. different versions of My Funny Valentine, "a popular jazz standard, appearing on over 1300 albums."

It's a song from Rodgers and Hart's 1937 musical comedy Babes in Arms, about "a group of small-town Long Island teenagers who put on a show to avoid being sent to a work farm by the town sheriff when their actor parents go on the road."

Enter "my funny valentine" in the search box. Click on Search.

Naxos search box

Step 3. Add tracks from different albums to a playlist. Click on the title of an album in the search results to get to the album page. On the album page: ŒŒ(1) tick the box next to the track you want to add to a playlist; and (2) click on "Add to Playlist."

Naxos album page

In the playlist pop-up window (see picture below), enter a name for the playlist in the Playlist Name field. Click on "Add to Playlist."

When you add another track to the playlist from another album, you'll find the name of the playlist in the Playlists field of this pop-up window. Click on the arrow at the right end of the window with "Create New Playlist" in it for the names of the playlists that you've already created.

Naxos playlist popup window

For a brief guide to Naxos Music Library Jazz, consult this information sheet (Word Document). For additional help using the e-resource, contact Answerline at 416-393-7131.