The Unofficial Start of Summer!

May 24, 2016 | Emoke

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The complete outdoors encyclopedia While the official start of summer is still about a month away, many Canadians consider the "May-Two-Four" weekend to have been it!

Hopefully you all got a chance to get up to some fun outdoor activities like gardening, camping, sitting on your deck or patio (if you are lucky enough to have one), or enjoying some evening fireworks, this past long-weekend.

Everyone probably has their start-of-summer rituals, as we are all so happy when the warmer weather hits. Mine include: putting away warmer clothing and doing some spring cleaning and organizing around the home. I also like to refresh my spring/summer wardrobe (and workout wardrobe) and buy some comfortable walking shoes, for those days that are nice enough to walk home from work. Being a beauty lover, I also can't resist buying some new bright makeup shades to sport during the sunny days ahead. Brighter, bolder colours make me feel happy and energized. In addition, it never hurts to spruce up my place with some fresh flowers. Food-wise, I look the most forward to cherries, peaches, tomatoes, etc. being sold in in-season prices! Nothing better than some cool, juicy cherries or watermelon to enjoy on the balcony in the warmth of the sunshine.

This year, for the first-time ever, I will attempt some balcony gardening. I have never tried that before, but I have a new very sunny balcony, and will try to attempt growing some mini tomatoes, cucumbers and basil. Let's see how that turns out! I am still waiting for it to be warm enough to be able to plant them.

What are some of your start of the summer rituals? Leave them down in the comments below.

Here are some books from Toronto Public Library that you can borrow for some summertime inspiration. And do check out my colleagues' recent great blog post on Spring Cleaning.

Happy unofficial start of summer!

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