Waking the Frog

October 16, 2015 | Carolyn

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Tom Rand, author of "Waking the Frog: solutions for our climate change paralysis"
Tom Rand


Until recently I was probably one of the few people not familiar with the story of the boiling frog. It goes like this: if you put a frog into a pot of boiling water, it will jump out. But if you put a frog into a pot of cold water and slowly heat it, the frog will be lulled to sleep before the water reaches the boiling point. The lesson from this bit of folk wisdom is that, like the frog, we can be unaware of dangers which result from slow, incremental changes - and not react to them in time to save ourselves.

On Tuesday October 27, Tom Rand, author of Waking the Frog, will be speaking at the North York Central Library. Mr. Rand is an entrepreneur focused on carbon mitigation technologies. His commentaries have appeared in the Globe and Mail and other print media, and he is a regular guest on The Exchange with Amanda Lang. He says on his website: "It is my belief that we have yet to have a serious, public conversation about the threat of climate change, and the economic opportunites afforded by the global transformation to a low-carbon economy."


Here are the details about his talk:

Date: Tuesday, October 27

Time: 7:00 - 8:00 pm

Location: North York Central Library, 5120 Yonge St., Room 1  


And here is some suggested reading about both the economic consequences of climate change and the opportunities it is creating:                                                                                                                                                                               





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