Information: Make It Your Business

November 25, 2014 | Kathryn

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We live in a fast-paced technological age where companies often sink or swim based on their ability to adapt to change. In their determination to deal with the uncertainty, business owners constantly seek information: What will be the next big product? How will businesses adapt to the latest generation of workers? Who will be Canada's next big trading partner? 

But not all information is created equal! The trick is to find sources that are current, yet reliable.  Business magazines, or periodicals as we call them, contain information that is timely, entertaining and, most importantly, trustworthy. Some of the best writers in the world write for magazines and all the information is fact-checked for accuracy.

North York Central Library has many great business magazines covering a gamut of topics.

Canadian business Inc.Forbes

The latest issue of Canadian Business, for example, features this year's top CEOs and explains what makes them so successful. Fans of Blackberry products will enjoy an in-depth interview with CEO John Chen, who discusses his plans to revive the company. But the magazine didn't leave out CFOs; an article called Death By A Thousand Tax Cuts will appeal to the bean counter in every company. 

Entrepreneurs may find Profits to be a particularly helpful magazine. Published by the Business Development Bank of Canada, Profits provides startups with useful information and lets them know about BDBC products and services. Articles like Buying the Right Company: Your Step-By-Step Strategy to a Successful Acquisition and Southern Exposure: The Right Approach to Selling in the U.S. provide real-world examples for the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs.

Speaking of our southern neighbours, we also have American magazines to keep you up-to-date with things from the U.S. perspective. Inc., The Magazine for Growing Companies features actress Jessica Alba on the cover. Turns out she's the founder of a $1-billion startup called The Honest Company. Who knew? And if you happen to be in a family-owned business, you're sure to relate to relevant topics like The Professional and Emotional Minefield of a Sibling-Run Startup and Work With Your Spouse Without Killing Each Other.  

Forbes magazine features a lengthy profile on the founders of Pinterest, and Fast Company has a helpful article called How I Get It Done: Unconventional Advice, Tips, Habits and Hacks from the Most Creative People in Business.

If you're a business owner who believes knowledge is power, you'll enjoy the magazines at North York Central Library. While our mags are reference only, many of the local branches offer circulating copies that can be borrowed. 

If you prefer to do your reading on your computer or hand-held device, some of our magazines can be downloaded for free through Zinio eMagazines. Check out our complete list of Zinio titles (PDF).