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November 25, 2013 | Ann

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For most people, this moment in time is not particularly special unless someone is celebrating a birthday or an anniversary.  For our American neighbours, November 25th is three days before Thanksgiving Day and four days before Black Friday.  Americans anticipate a week filled with good food, better company, and the best deals available.  Many Canadians also look forward to shopping online or across the border.

Over two-hundred years ago, North America was a different place and time.  European countries (including Britain, France, and Spain) and the Native Peoples have waged wars over land ownership.  Two historically significant events occurred on November 25th are worth mentioning.   


The French and Indian War, 1755-1763

On Saturday, November 25, 1758, three years into the French and Indian War, General Forbes led the British troops to successfully capture Fort Duquesne from the French.  Fort Pitt was named in honour of the English Prime Minister and first Earl of Chatham, William Pitt.  The surrounding land where the fort resides would later become the City of Pittsburgh.  Pictured below is a map of North America showing land ceded to Britain right after the French and Indian War.

Map of French and Indian War from gscs.org

For more information on the French and Indian War, here are some available titles:

The French & Indian War Conquered Into Liberty on Google Books NYT Review on The War That Made America
The French and Indian War : deciding the fate of North America 1st ed. by Borneman, Walter R., 1952- Conquered into liberty : two centuries of battles along the great warpath that made the American way of war 1st ed. by Cohen, Eliot A. The war that made America : a short history of the French and Indian War by Anderson, Fred, 1949-

The American Revolutionary War

A quarter of a century later, on Tuesday, November 25, 1783, The American Revolutionary War ended as the British withdrew from New York City.  The British occupied the area for seven years.  Americans gained victory and called this day, Evacuation Day.  The Project Gutenberg eBook released on 2010 a digital copy of the (1883) title, "Evacuation Day", 1783, written by James Riker to celebrate the 100th anniversary of this epic day. 

Evacuation Day, 1783 from The Project Gutenberg eBook website

Here are three more titles on the American Revolutionary War:

A Short History Of The Revolutionary War on Google Books Revolutionary Summer on Google Books Preview The Black Loyalists reviews on GoodReads.com
A short history of the American Revolutionary War by Conway, Stephen, 1957- Revolutionary summer : the birth of American independence 1st ed. by Ellis, Joseph J. The Black Loyalists : southern settlers of the first free black communities in Nova Scotia by Whitehead, Ruth Holmes

Enjoy the week if you are shopping or celebrating the American Thanksgiving festivities.