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April 19, 2013 | Jeannette

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Animal fabricGrowing up, my mom would often take me along on her trips to the fabric store. We would find rows upon rows of fabric bundled on rolls and rectangular cardboard. My favorite were the ones with farm animals. I loved little cows and pigs. I remember wandering around as my mom picked out fabric. The place had a strange smell.

When we found what we wanted, we would take the bundle of fabric to the lady waiting at the long tables with the very sharp scissors. I was amazed that she only needed to cut a little piece of the fabric and then tear the rest by hand. It was amazing.

Sometimes my mom would stop by the counter where they had these large books. She would pick what she wanted and the lady would hand her a package that she retrieved from the big metal cabinet.

Sewing patternI never understood what were in these packages. It was tissue paper with weird lines. I once took out a couple of sheets but never managed to put them back in or folded it back properly. Not surprisingly, my mom was not very happy.

It seemed magical that my mom could turn the fabric we bought using the tissue paper things into clothes for me to wear. I never realized then, because I was too young, to appreciate the time and effort my mom took to make me my favorite clothes.

This memory has inspired me to make something for my daughter. Unfortunately, I don't know how to sew.

Luckily for me, there are many books at the library for beginners teaching the basics of sewing:

Complete idiot's guide to sewing  New complete guide to sewing  Sewing made simple  Sewing basics

There are even books about the tissue paper things which are actually sewing patterns:

How to use, adapt and design sewing patterns  Pattern cutting primer  Perfect fit  Complete photo guide to perfect fitting

If you already know how to sew, there are books for you too:

Dressmaker's handbook  Vogue sewing  Drape drape  Couture sewing techniques

If you're like me and want to sew clothes for your little one, the library's got books for that too:

Simple sewing for baby  To baby with love  Sewn with love  Sewing modkid style

I think we often forget little memories like these. But once it comes back, it feels like I am back there again in the weird smelling place with the bright fluorescent lights anticipating what beautiful things my mom was going to make next. And I hope to create lovely memories like these with my daughter one day.