Free Science Events in Toronto for February 2013

January 25, 2013 | Jeannette

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HeartsThe Science and Technology Department of North York Central Library compiles a monthly calendar of free science events in Toronto. Applied science includes health, gardening, pets and food; all subjects found in the department's collections. Here is the February calendar.

This month's highlights include:

  • February 9: Snowshoes and Snow-clues, identify tracks and signs of local animals and learn some of their secrets for surviving chilly winter weather.
  • February 10: Why Chocolates Melt in Your Mouth and Not in Your Hands, a presentation on how chocolate is made and how the solidification process of cocoa butter is a finely-tuned and controlled process.
  • February 17: Radiation and Life: Taking a Closer Look with Microdosimetry, a presentation on how we encounter radiation and what is meant by 'dosimetry' and 'microdosimetry'.
  • February 27: Advances in Heart Health, a discussion on cardiology.