Get Started at the Library: MS Office Products

December 3, 2012 | Jane

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North York Central Library Staff offer a wide range of computer classes in the Learning Centre, all absolutely free. Once you have mastered our Web Basics classes, you're ready to create your own documents, spreadsheets and presentations! Consider taking one of the following primers on how to use Microsoft Office programs. If you are referring a friend to us, let them know that basic keyboarding and mouse skills are necessary for these classes!

Word Basics 1 (Upcoming Classes at North York Central)
An introduction to using Microsoft Word tools and functions. Create a new document and save it, change fonts and use spellcheck.

Word Basics 2 (Upcoming Classes at North York Central)
More editing and formatting exercises! Learn how to customize margins, make lists, copy and paste, and find document templates.

Excel Basics (Upcoming Classes at North York Central)
Using a simple table, format a worksheet and apply formulas to calculate sums and averages.

PowerPoint Basics (Upcoming Classes at North York Central)
Create and edit your first presentation! Work with slide layouts, images and transitions.
Interested in registering? Visit the Gateway Services information desk or call 416-395-5674. Don't be discouraged if the class you want is full - if you're in the area, we encourage you to drop in.  Spaces often open up at the last minute.

In addition  you can check the library catalogue for books on how to use Microsoft Office

Library computers also offer Microsoft Publisher, a desktop publishing program you can use to create things like brochures, cards or menus.  Here are some Microsoft Publisher books to get you started.

After you've completed all our classes (congrats!) take a look at our Computer and Library Learning Blog, especially this blog for additional resources.

-- Andrea